Deadmau5 Helmet Kimer Props

Deadmau5 Helmet

This project was started on June 16, 2012 and completed July 14, 2012. 
Deadmau5, like Daft Punk, wears an iconic helmet during his performances and I figured I could try my hand at making a custom helmet!
This didn’t take as long as my Thomas Bangalter Daft Punk helmet, but it sure is amazing and, well, flashy! The great thing about this build is that you don’t have to do ridiculous amounts of sanding (although you do have to do quite a lot of it) and that it is so open to creativity that you can use any design that you come up with and come out with a unique Deaddmau5 head every time! I loved this build for the challenge it gave me in regards to practical thinking and electrical work. I had to make sure that the materials and techniques I used to make this helmet will still allow the helmet to be light weight and wearable (despite all of the stuff I put on and in it). Also, the EL wire was a new challenge, but after a bit of research and a lot of planning, number crunching, and drawing, it was totally worth it!
To view a complete build write-up with pictures and detailed writing, click here!